Business Profile

Who We Are And What We Can Do For You

Since the start of IMPACT Solutions (IS), in 1990, we have had the chance to work in wonderful and not so wonderful locations across Africa. In all instances it was with very special people, on assignments from varying scales – from family needs to larger commercial ventures.

As pure water has a foundational impact on health IHS has involved itself with one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide – the need for safe, health enhancing, purified water. We are linked to companies who are leading through innovative technologies.

We are dedicated to stop a potential epidemic caused by the invisible dangers of EMF’s, the 21st Century pollution of electro-magnetic radiation (EMR), the type of pollution that comes from cell phones and other wireless devices, which has become a growing health concern because we can’t see, taste, touch or feel it. We offer products that allow you to live and work in a safe environment and along with the Safe Wireless Initiative is dedicated to stopping this impending epidemic.

We have aligned ourselves with Neolife as world class nutritional and Wellness Company to deliver health solutions for needs in the field of skin care, weight management, nutritional supplementation and eco-friendly home care products. We offer an affordable and medically proven stem cell therapy product range to support the regeneration system of the body through the technology and science of StemTech Health Sciences. Through Nano Nutrients we have access to innovative techniques and technologies to make plant based nutrients highly absorbable and with excellent bioactivity. These companies offer reselling opportunities of their products through Impact Solutions.

You know that you have acquired a fair amount of experience and trust when you have clients and distributors loyal to you for as long as you have been in business. We value each and every one of our clients and distributors for the wonderful opportunity and experience of working to the common goal to realize their dreams and to impact their health. We are committed to provide lifestyle and health solutions to people and communities because we are passionate about health!

Over the years we have established independent business distributors, not only in South Africa, but already in 15 countries across the globe. This number is growing consistently. Maybe we can be of service to you too.