Wimpie Van Der Merwe

Amateur World Cycling Champion – 1987 Belgium

The proprietor of IMPACT Solutions is Wimpie van der Merwe, former multiple world cycling champion and record holder.

In the seventies Wimpie studied law before changing to theology. He completed his post graduate studies at the University of Stellenbosch on the subject of the abuse of drugs in sport.

As a hobby, Wimpie is an author, who writes articles on different topics, ranging from nutrition and health, motivation and training. He has frequent speaking engagements over Africa, where he shares his knowledge on health and nutrition, motivating and starting people up in business and sharing the success principles he applied in his sports career to the business and personal environment.

When South Africa was readmitted to the international sporting arena in 1992 the national cycling selectors made it obvious that the ‘older’ cyclists have no role in major future events like the Olympic Games. The investment would be made in the younger cyclists. Bearing this in mind Wimpie realized that the only way to be able to compete against the world’s best is to break their world records.

After two years of focusing to break selected speed and distance records, he set 13 world records for distances between 4000m — 1,000km. A comment made by a sports scientist was that if he studied physiology he would have been taught that what he set out to achieve was physically impossible, but because he was ignorant of the perceived limitations he succeeded.

He has an intuitive feel for health and an integrated and holistic approach to life: spiritual, physical, social and other areas. He practices what he preaches and can show the results for it not only through his own achievements but from the testimonies of thousands of satisfied customers and distributors.

Wimpie van der Merwe’s Sporting Highlights

Disciplines include unconventional cycling, cycling, athletics, duathlon, rugby and judo.

Human Powered Vehicle (HPV)

Holder of 13 World Records and 8 times World champion
  • World records
    • 4000 m — 3 min 33 sec
    • 10 km — 8 min 39 sec
    • 12 hours — 566.97 km
    • 24 hours — 904.887 km
    • 1000 km — 27 h 43 min 48 sec
  • 20 Africa Continental records ranging from 200m to 1000km
  • Argus Tour: fastest average speed 45.98km/h (1993) 2:16:40
  • Multiple World Speed Champion 1993 – Minneapolis, USA (7 gold & 4 silver)


Amateur World Cycling Champion – 1987 Belgium
  • WAOD Amateur Road world champion – Belgium (1987)
  • Represented the national (Springbok) team on both the track and road
  • Competed in nine international Rapport Tours and has worn the yellow jersey
  • More than 200 victories on both the track and road
  • World non-stop endurance record of 120 hours (1975)
  • Competed extensively in Europe and the USA as an individual and for different teams
  • Provincial colours for Western Province and South African Defence Force
  • Provincial champion 14 times on the track and road
  • Has won the SA title on track and road eight times
  • 5 Comrades Marathons – all Bill Rowan medals (sub 9 hrs)
  • 4 Two Oceans Marathons
  • Northern Transvaal colours
  • Transvaal colours – junior team
  • South African junior team champions (Transvaal)
  • Transvaal under 75 kg junior champion
  • Transvaal colours