Wimpie – the best kept secret

Published March 2022

WIMPIE – the best kept secret describes the highlights of the sports career of a South African, spanning over four decades and in five sports disciplines. Wimpie van der Merwe had to overcome obstacles to compete internationally during the years of sports isolation imposed on SA for 32 years due to the policy of apartheid of the SA government. Keeping a low profile to avoid being blacklisted for circumventing the sports boycott caused that few know about his achievements. He discloses unknown facts of what happened behind the scenes to create opportunities to compete internationally, to circumvent the boycott, and reach the pinnacle of his sport. Overcoming the odds is a prerequisite for any person to succeed.

Wimpie - the best kept secret (book cover)

The odds were stacked against him. He had to contend with bullies at school, being belittled on the sports field, and overcoming low self-esteem. He had to cope with major injuries, breaking his back four times and several limbs. He did not only have to overcome political obstacles like international sanctions but had to bear the brunt of sports politics at home too. He was expelled from local cycling several times in his career due to unfair rulings. He always challenged the status quo and those who abused power. As a whistle-blower to the use of drugs in a major international cycling tour in SA, he was expelled on demand of the professional riders, some being the actual abusers. Some of the abusers who were caught the same day he was expelled were ‘rapped over the fingers’ to save the Tour. He was eventually banned for life by the South African Cycling Federation to get rid of a thorn in their flesh. This led to an unintended consequence of helping him find his WHY in sport, making him so focused to eventually better thirteen world records and attaining eight world crowns in his career, something he did not need the sanctioning of the SACF for.

The book is not all about cycling, but about a Christian cyclist who testifies about angelic visitations, experiencing verified reconstructive, medical miracles and other Godly interventions. Knowing God in a real way he testifies of God’s hand on his life and especially his sporting career. He shares intimate detail about becoming a person of influence and how individuals left an indelible imprint on his life as influencers.

I was blessed by the content of the book. I believe the book will minister to many people. It is a brilliant message that will build great faith in many people.
I believe we have a great product that will certainly impact the Body of Christ and the unsaved that need to experience the Love of God and a faith building message.
The book carries a strong message that shall provoke a deep quest for people to know God more deeply, you skilfully mixed your faith, science and personal experience, the book demonstrated your deep knowledge of the subject matter while building confidence with the reader that you know God in a real way. This validates the content of the book. This is a Kingdom project and we are praying for you.

Dr. Tich TanyanyiwaAuthor, success coach, pastor

Hierdie boek is ‘n moet. Ek was vasgevang deur die wonderlike gebeure, die engel besoeke en jou vertroue in die Skepper. Elke sportman moet dit op sy boekrak hê, ‘wanneer hy dit klaar gelees het’. Elke jong gelowige moet dit lees, want die boek bevat inspirerende boodskappe wat hy nie sommer vanaf ‘n preekstoel sal hoor nie.

– Dan Oosthuizen, Emeritus pastor

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