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Plant Power

Specific botanical compounds have been identified which give your body what it needs to be resilient in today’s stress-filled and challenging world—irrespective of your age, gender or health challenge.

Through science and world-first technology, Nano Nutrients products deliver these difficult-to-absorb health compounds to the body as water-soluble nano particles that absorb quickly and easily.


When it comes to fueling good health, nothing beats plants. All the elements we need to strengthen what is weak, protect what is vulnerable and repair what is broken are already in plants – we just help those elements get into your body better and safer than almost anybody.

Nano Nutrients knows that everything you need for great health is in plants, not chemicals. However, the plant compounds with the most healing power aren’t soluble in water and if it won’t dissolve into water, it won’t dissolve into you.

Providing highly potent extracts that the body can easily absorb is something ordinary health products don’t do. You simply aren’t getting all the benefits that are there.

Science has cracked the code to deliver these difficult-to-absorb natural healing compounds to the body as water-soluble nanoparticles, making them easy to absorb. This is the first 100% plant-based nanotechnology to achieve such a high level of potency.


These are of the highest quality natural nutrition products that do what they say they do. These are products that address the most urgent health challenges and satisfy the highest health priorities in a way that is easy and enjoyable to consume.


The best ingredients are extracted correctly to obtain the right compounds that are processed, using the most innovative techniques and technologies, to make them highly absorbable with excellent bioactivity. The unique techniques and processes employed include breakthrough botanical nanotechnology innovations from years of careful research and development. Nano Nutrients are committed to being 100% plant-based, with no chemicals, no shortcuts and no dirty secrets, just clean potent products that are safe and effective for people of all ages. If you have been wanting to reclaim, transform or enhance your health with results that are unmistakable – you are who these products were developed for.


Nano Nutrients products are distributed by what is called plant ambassadors, or “Plantbassadors”. Our Plantbassadors value health and appreciate the critical role that plant-based products play in achieving optimal wellbeing. They also enjoy empowering others on the path to optimal wellbeing by helping them get the most out of our innovative wellness products.

If you feel our product range and values are a good fit for your needs, you can either purchase the products
through IMPACT Solutions that is a Plantbassador, or you can become a Plantbassador yourself.

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