Water Purification

At Impact Solutions we offer the following water purification products and services

The reality of South Africa today and other countries the world over is that through neglect and mismanagement resources are destroyed. Water is one of those resources. The quality of water in SA is not going to become better unless each household takes the responsibility to do so. The options are to trust the government to take care of the quality of your water, to buy your drinking water at a cost that accumulates over time, or to own the unit that gives you peace of mind every time you open the tap, especially if you have vulnerable persons in your household like children or the elderly.

Household & General Water Treatment

  • POE (Point of Entry/Whole house) solutions.
  • Drinking Water Points
    • Reverse Osmosis Water System (RO) (Planning & Installation).
    • Under Counter Filters.
  • Borehole & Rainwater Treatment.
  • pH treatment of household water.
  • Dispenser Units (Hot & Cold).
  • People tend to forget to change their filters regularly. We offer to do it for you as a service. We keep you on our database to remind you yearly or as regularly as required.

Reverse Osmosis Water System 6 Stages Of Purification

Stage 1 – Sediment Filter: Remove’s Larger Particles Suspended In Water

Stage 2 – Activated Carbon Filter: Removes Organic Compounds and Chlorine

Stage 3 – Carbon Block: Further Removes Organic Compounds, Chlorine And Turbidity

Stage 4 – Membrane: Removes Bacteria And Other Harmful Substances

Stage 5 – Taste And Odour Filter: Improves The Taste Of Water

Stage 6 – Energy Resonance Technology (ERT)

We are the only company to apply Energy Resonance Technology (ERT) to the purification of water in our systems. This approach adds a final phase, after ridding the water of all contaminants, like chemicals added to the water in the treatment process, dead viruses and bacteria. All living and inorganic matter emits a unique frequency. Water stores this frequency as a memory. Even after removing the physical matter from water through membrane technology, the frequency footprint remains. Our technology reformats the memory of water and revitalizes the damaged water to the quality of fountain water by inserting the resonance of the earth (Schumann resonance) into the water as the last phase.
Should you drink treated water where the contaminants have been removed you are still exposed to the effects of those chemicals through the frequency they leave in the water. To Read up more on this click the below button:

IMPACT Solutions has been operating since 1990 and has installed and serviced more than 1000 water purification systems ranging from all types and sizes. We operate countrywide servicing restaurants, doctors’ consulting rooms, work offices, factories, and any environment where there is a need for water treatment.

We shall match any published price for the same equipment (excluding installation).
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If you need assurance in regards to the quality of your water contact us for water testing in regards to:

  • Performing a Precipitation Test that uses the formation of a precipitate as an indicative result of the presence of certain elements or compounds in a test sample.
  • Performing a TDS test, an acronym for total dissolved solids is the measurement of the total amount of dissolved inorganic content present in your water.

This demonstration performed on municipal water and Reversed Osmosis purified water can prove to you that Impact Solutions Reverse Osmosis Water System (RO) will not just improve your water but your health and peace of mind that what you are drinking is something you can rely on.

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